stalked by Ohio

So I have Skype as my main telephone in the house. For the past several months, I’ve been getting all kinds of calls and messages left from Ohio numbers. Different numbers, asking for different people. fine They call and call and call and….call. Doesn’t matter how many times I tell someone that this is the wrong number. More and more people there call and ask for their friends, none of whom have my number.

Now I’m actually getting calls from Ohio on my CELL PHONE !!! WTF?!?Asking for different people…like the thick-hispanic accented woman yesterday who was seeking “Dorothy”. Cesar, Joe, Bruce, Amanda…apparently all of Ohio thinks they know someone who has my particular numbers. I can’t imagine why it is Ohions keep calling me !

If it were Philadelphia, PA folk now…I might understand. While I lived in Portland, OR I had a roommate from Philadelphia who promptly invited the rest of Philadelphia to sleep on our living room floor. I have, at some point, stepped over everyone in that city. With an occasional step-on. It got so bad that my other housemates and I began talk of what could be happening in Philadelphia causing such a Mass Exodus. . .

But Ohio? Sorry, wrong number.


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