The Texas Countryside…

Recently I got to take a nice long drive through the Texas countryside to a beach on the gulf. A few random I-thought-odd things caught my attention:

I passed a smalltown grocer advertising “Yellow Meat!” on sell…uhm…ok…What?!?  

Slowly going through another small town I glanced to my left to see a large sign with a nicely painted cross on it that said: “Jesus saved you a seat across the street.” I looked across the street and saw…a bar. I had to look quite a bit harder before I spotted kindof down the street and sortof around the corner the sign for a Methodist church. But since the bar was closer I couldn’t help but wonder which one they meant. Of course, then I wondered if I could get Jesus to buy me a nice tequila….
Out in the middle of bumfuck-Nowhere Texas countryside I came across a very large, bold-lettered sign that read: “Behold! The Lord Comes Swiftly! Watch and Pray.” which immediately gave me the impression of the Lord as some big black dragon about to swoop down on my car and eat me…and I should watch..and pray…against this.   I mean…what a fuck-freakey sign, right?


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