My mind took an odd turn last night. As I was lying down to sleep, trying (as usual) to quiet it, my mind grabbed onto something interesting that I would have to think about before I lost it forever. It is not unknown for me to pray to a God or Goddess, or even the Christian God. I am not “pagan” in the sense that it commonly means, nor am I Christian in the sense that it commonly means. The dialogue playing through my brain then states “You pray to Gods, so, you believe in them.”. But, with me, this is not necessarily true. It’s the word “belief” I take issue with. There are different ways to commonly use this term. Consider the statement “I believe the Earth revolves around the Sun.”. This is generally meant to say “I understand from logic, reason, the empirical evidence and my knowledge that this statement is true.”. But to use “belief” in a religious context is to say nothing at all about reason, logic or empirical evidence. It is to say that “despite what any or all of these things may deem true, I assert this certain statement of reality anyway.”. To believe is to insert Human Ego. From my perspective, it doesn’t matter at all whether or not I believe in a God or Gods – reality simply is or isn’t. Which is to say, I do not expect my own personal assertion of any reality to have an actual affect on reality. There is no need for my belief. I pray because I allow for the possibility of their existence. While it is true that current scientific learning and my own reason, may appear to state that the existence of such beings (or being) is not possible – it is also true that there are vast stores of knowledge in the universe of which we have not yet discovered, or understood. The possibility of anything being actually true, or untrue, still exists – no matter how likely or unlikely any such thing may be. My belief in it is not required, and is therefore irrelevant. The need for belief lies only in Human Ego. It seems to me a very aggressive way to be – to state a certain condition of reality to being True, despite the fact that no Reason or empirical evidence exists to prove it so. I do not feel my Ego should matter to the Universe. However, if it strikes me to attempt communication in worship to a greater existence at any time…it seems rude to me to not acknowledge the possibility that they may actually exist.


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