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Film – Underworld: Rise of the Lycans

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Caught a matinee at the nearby Pflugerville Tinseltown yesterday – “Underworld: Rise of the Lycans”. It was cool. Fun, slight sense of Epic to it, cool action. My only complaint really was that it was unduly Gross.

What is it with the hollywood film contest on flat-out gross violence these days? It’s like each film is pushing to out-gross the others. I definitely saw some images that I really did not need to see in this lifetime. However, to the film’s credit, they didn’t actually destroy the film or my enjoyment of it…I’d even watch it again…because they only flash across the screen very quickly. They (thankfully) did not linger on the worst (usually). And sometimes I was able to quickly look away with enough warning that a prolonged grossness was coming.

Ok I admit I’d probably be watching it again only because Rhona Mitra, who plays the lead female, is HOT… if I must say so. Whoo-hoo she’s a fine thing on that huge screen LOL. She’s beautiful. But the film is good fun.

I guess it must be me… I must be a complete freak in this world (try to hide your shock ;’)…because I’ve never had the desire to see the insides of a human being. Period. Or people are creatures or…anything alive…get torn in half, speared in the head, gored in however many ways other people seem just fine with imagining. Torture and the visual imagery of gruesome deaths just really isn’t my thing. I can’t figure, understand, how it is the `thing’ of sane people. I admit it does make me question (even more) the average sanity of our soceity. And I mean *actual* sanity as in the people all around you, as individuals, in the supermarket. At the theater. I definetely question the sane-ness of the filmmakers and their Fx folk. Anyone who can imagine such things and be A-Ok with it, just doesn’t seem entirely sane to me. Where is human empathy? Why am I such an oddball-out for having it?

Oh to my own shock, I did see an American comedy trailer which made me laugh outloud – several times, actually. I have what they call the “European” sense of humor…some snooty folk call it “refined”. Wit. It’s a bit of a bummer, really, because it means I don’t get, find utterly stupid, 98% of the comedies put out today by Hollywood. However, they played the trailer for “I Love You, Man” and I was cracking up. It’s about a guy’s search for a male best man, even though all his best friends are female. I suppose that in itself makes me grin, as I have been the female “best man” (what was it called? `Honor Guard’ I think) in a wedding. Yes, I was my dear beloved Robbie’s “best man”, years ago. Ok and due to a tragic accident of sorts had ash green hair for the occassion as well, but…that’s another story. I got to wear a tux. Found out they are WAY more comfortable than most of the dressy things we women normally get. Now I’m rambling. LOL  But the preview did get me laughing, several times,  so that’s a film I’ll be looking forward to.

They also played the preview for “Push” and that looked fun. Yet another variation on the x-men type mutants, super powers, etc and I’m all for it. I love every view of these things, as our society plummets more and more into the deepest-set desires for someone to save us. Good fun. Good adventure.


the hypocrisy of 18

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Something that really bites my butt about this news tidbit:

Ok, so an openly gay city leader had a sexual relationship with an 18 year old man. Yes – man. They refer to the guy as “teen” as though he were bumping a 14 year old. But you know what? At 18 we’ll send him off to WAR!! We claim that 18 year olds are *mature* enough to understand the heavy and serious and life-long (and life-threatening) decision of whether or not to go off to foreign lands and take human lives….BUT….they’re not mature enough to pick their own sexual partners?? They’re not mature enough to drink. They can handle a gun, a bazooka, a friggin bomber jet for fucks’ sake Responsibly enough at 18 but not a Tequila? Not who they want to be with, physically?

Oh come on…the hypocrisy of the way our nation treats 18-20 year olds just bites my arse, it really does. I get angry about it (obviously). If you’re going to say they’re adult and can make military decisions then FINE – treat them like full adults. If not, then raise the damned age required for the military. _Make Up Your Minds_ about what maturity you expect from an 18 year old!!!

And in the meantime – stop treating these two guys’ private moments like it’s cause for a criminal trial. This is no cause for a headline.

Kelly Clarkson’s new single (My Life Would Suck Without You)

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Well, I have heard KC’s new single. Her voice is amazing. The song is fun and very catchy. However, I’m sorry but I can’t resist saying it, the music sounds amateur. The music itself from the single sounds like it was made on Techno E-Jay or something – by a dj and not a musician. The main part of it quite literally, I believe, is from one of those demo loops on keyboards at Walmart. The people behind her music for this song really didn’t put any effort into it. It’s very “basic” techno/dance loop. But – as you can dance in the isles to those demo loops, you can dance to this song. And I can see Kelly having a *great* deal of fun on stage with this song…dancing around to it. I bet she’ll have a great time and that’ll make her shows fun for all. It’s just as love-angsty as anything she’s ever done, just less content to it as she didn’t write the song herself. Love angst sells, though (as long as it’s not too deep or real).

The chorus writers knew what they were doing – they studied their pop music and wrote a catchy chorus.  There’s a weak line in the song but hey nothing’s perfect. Do I think the song will do well? Yes. I think that pre-teens and young teens will not have heard enough walmart keyboard demos to know the difference. This all sounds like a horrible slam, I just realized (Sorry, Kelly).

I do like the song, it’s catchy and only Kelly’s incredible instrument and skill with that instrument could overcome all that loop in the background, and be heard over it. I think we’ll hear the song not only on the radio but in clubs, in supermarkets, everywhere. And yes, on keyboard demo loops ;’).

I should point out that I’m a huge Techno/Dance and Industrial fan. So I’m not saying it’s a keyboard demo loop just because I don’t like the genre – I LOVE the genre. It’s just I know musicians from DJ’s.