Kelly Clarkson’s new single (My Life Would Suck Without You)

Well, I have heard KC’s new single. Her voice is amazing. The song is fun and very catchy. However, I’m sorry but I can’t resist saying it, the music sounds amateur. The music itself from the single sounds like it was made on Techno E-Jay or something – by a dj and not a musician. The main part of it quite literally, I believe, is from one of those demo loops on keyboards at Walmart. The people behind her music for this song really didn’t put any effort into it. It’s very “basic” techno/dance loop. But – as you can dance in the isles to those demo loops, you can dance to this song. And I can see Kelly having a *great* deal of fun on stage with this song…dancing around to it. I bet she’ll have a great time and that’ll make her shows fun for all. It’s just as love-angsty as anything she’s ever done, just less content to it as she didn’t write the song herself. Love angst sells, though (as long as it’s not too deep or real).

The chorus writers knew what they were doing – they studied their pop music and wrote a catchy chorus.  There’s a weak line in the song but hey nothing’s perfect. Do I think the song will do well? Yes. I think that pre-teens and young teens will not have heard enough walmart keyboard demos to know the difference. This all sounds like a horrible slam, I just realized (Sorry, Kelly).

I do like the song, it’s catchy and only Kelly’s incredible instrument and skill with that instrument could overcome all that loop in the background, and be heard over it. I think we’ll hear the song not only on the radio but in clubs, in supermarkets, everywhere. And yes, on keyboard demo loops ;’).

I should point out that I’m a huge Techno/Dance and Industrial fan. So I’m not saying it’s a keyboard demo loop just because I don’t like the genre – I LOVE the genre. It’s just I know musicians from DJ’s.


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