the hypocrisy of 18

Something that really bites my butt about this news tidbit:

Ok, so an openly gay city leader had a sexual relationship with an 18 year old man. Yes – man. They refer to the guy as “teen” as though he were bumping a 14 year old. But you know what? At 18 we’ll send him off to WAR!! We claim that 18 year olds are *mature* enough to understand the heavy and serious and life-long (and life-threatening) decision of whether or not to go off to foreign lands and take human lives….BUT….they’re not mature enough to pick their own sexual partners?? They’re not mature enough to drink. They can handle a gun, a bazooka, a friggin bomber jet for fucks’ sake Responsibly enough at 18 but not a Tequila? Not who they want to be with, physically?

Oh come on…the hypocrisy of the way our nation treats 18-20 year olds just bites my arse, it really does. I get angry about it (obviously). If you’re going to say they’re adult and can make military decisions then FINE – treat them like full adults. If not, then raise the damned age required for the military. _Make Up Your Minds_ about what maturity you expect from an 18 year old!!!

And in the meantime – stop treating these two guys’ private moments like it’s cause for a criminal trial. This is no cause for a headline.


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