Film – Underworld: Rise of the Lycans

Caught a matinee at the nearby Pflugerville Tinseltown yesterday – “Underworld: Rise of the Lycans”. It was cool. Fun, slight sense of Epic to it, cool action. My only complaint really was that it was unduly Gross.

What is it with the hollywood film contest on flat-out gross violence these days? It’s like each film is pushing to out-gross the others. I definitely saw some images that I really did not need to see in this lifetime. However, to the film’s credit, they didn’t actually destroy the film or my enjoyment of it…I’d even watch it again…because they only flash across the screen very quickly. They (thankfully) did not linger on the worst (usually). And sometimes I was able to quickly look away with enough warning that a prolonged grossness was coming.

Ok I admit I’d probably be watching it again only because Rhona Mitra, who plays the lead female, is HOT… if I must say so. Whoo-hoo she’s a fine thing on that huge screen LOL. She’s beautiful. But the film is good fun.

I guess it must be me… I must be a complete freak in this world (try to hide your shock ;’)…because I’ve never had the desire to see the insides of a human being. Period. Or people are creatures or…anything alive…get torn in half, speared in the head, gored in however many ways other people seem just fine with imagining. Torture and the visual imagery of gruesome deaths just really isn’t my thing. I can’t figure, understand, how it is the `thing’ of sane people. I admit it does make me question (even more) the average sanity of our soceity. And I mean *actual* sanity as in the people all around you, as individuals, in the supermarket. At the theater. I definetely question the sane-ness of the filmmakers and their Fx folk. Anyone who can imagine such things and be A-Ok with it, just doesn’t seem entirely sane to me. Where is human empathy? Why am I such an oddball-out for having it?

Oh to my own shock, I did see an American comedy trailer which made me laugh outloud – several times, actually. I have what they call the “European” sense of humor…some snooty folk call it “refined”. Wit. It’s a bit of a bummer, really, because it means I don’t get, find utterly stupid, 98% of the comedies put out today by Hollywood. However, they played the trailer for “I Love You, Man” and I was cracking up. It’s about a guy’s search for a male best man, even though all his best friends are female. I suppose that in itself makes me grin, as I have been the female “best man” (what was it called? `Honor Guard’ I think) in a wedding. Yes, I was my dear beloved Robbie’s “best man”, years ago. Ok and due to a tragic accident of sorts had ash green hair for the occassion as well, but…that’s another story. I got to wear a tux. Found out they are WAY more comfortable than most of the dressy things we women normally get. Now I’m rambling. LOL  But the preview did get me laughing, several times,  so that’s a film I’ll be looking forward to.

They also played the preview for “Push” and that looked fun. Yet another variation on the x-men type mutants, super powers, etc and I’m all for it. I love every view of these things, as our society plummets more and more into the deepest-set desires for someone to save us. Good fun. Good adventure.


2 Responses to “Film – Underworld: Rise of the Lycans”

  1. I could have sworn the green hair was at Joe & Steph’s wedding… or was it Joni & Garth’s? In any case, it must have been in Grinnell, because I remember it, and I don’t know Robbie… or did you have green hair at more than one wedding? :-)

    –Ben (who will have a female groomsman in May)

  2. gypsygies Says:

    Nope just one – Rob’s wedding. But the green hair was the result of my kick-ass (grin) Halloween costume shortly before that…in Grinnell. Remember? We died my hair black and it washed out ash green the next day…and then stayed…for like…WEEKS. I kept thinking it would wash out in time for Robbie’s wedding and felt so stupid when I had to call him and inform him I’d be there…yes…I’d be there…but…uhm…with green hair. LOL I was too scared to try to do anything else to my hair to fix it because obviously my hair had a distinct opinion about me messing with it…

    Joni & Garth’s wedding is the one where the wedding party suddenly broke out into song…and half, ok most of us bridesmaids had somehow missed that in rehearsal so we had NO IDEA it was coming, that we were expected to sing and we didn’t know the song so were literally singing “Watermelon…watermelon..” up there LOL. Every once in awhile we’d catch onto a phrase and sing that phrase loud and strong and proud of ourselves, of course…the rest?…watermelon…watemelon. It was hilarious.

    The only thing I remember going kindof badly in Joe & Steph’s wedding was that people had a bit *too* much fun throwing the rice as they walked out…Grinnellians and throwing things at people always sparks great enthusiasm… and Stephanie became convinced her friends Hate her…

    I nearly fell in a lilypond (chasing a butterfly) at Dave & Jordan’s wedding…but Jordan had brought two bridesmaids dresses for me, so we were covered for all things. She’s a smart one.

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