The Watchmen

I have just returned from an afternoon matinee of “The Watchmen”. From my own perspective, it was absolutely fantastic.

However, I feel a storm coming in the negative press – fueled by the soon to be many complaints of the conservatives + the pseudo-conservatives. And I can even guess what it will be about, even though it may take some of them a long while to actually say exactly what it is about. It will not be because it’s violent, because it’s graphic in its violence, because it’s “heroes” are flawed sociopaths, or even at using mass murder as an argument for world peace. It will sharply ignite the hatred of the unnatural minds because (take a deep breath, now) :  A penis was shown.

Not only once – many times. Not an excited one, even. But yes – they show Dr. Manhattan being himself. Why on earth would the godlike being wear clothes? So he doesn’t. The film is not skittish about it. None the less I heard the sharp intake of breath, the murmuring, the verbal shock and disgust, when he first appeared full on screen. I nearly burst out laughing…the rebellious child in me instantly wanted to chaff them by exclaiming “Oh My GAWD!! It’s a P-E-N-I-S!!! *GASP!*” LOL  People are such ridiculous goons, honestly.

As for the rest of the film, I can only state the warning that it is fully the product of my generation: “Generation X”.  Yes, our darkest, most jaded, most intellectual conversations late at night, selves.  Doesn’t matter how old the writer was or what generation they came from. I remember The Watchmen because just out of High School everyone I knew worshiped and idolized it – seriously. I still never read it, somehow. But I learned to respect it, by word. I am not in any way slamming it by saying it’s the product of Gen-X – hey…*I’m* Gen X! I really am, and I know that. I’m alright with that.”whateva”.

It’s brilliant. It’s raw…very very raw, and very philosophical (yet can be understood by the laymen, not like that godawful Matrix sequel where when he’s talking to “god” in the roomful of tv screen even I had to stop and say “what the Fuck are you on about, now?!?” lol).

These concepts are understandable to all. The film states that human nature is dark. It is brutal. And tries to find a way to accommodate peace, with that understanding.

And I think the timing of it is perfect. Somebody already softened up the world, got it ready for the Watchmen, by introducing the latest Batman as taking on the mantel of “bad guy” – the hero is it’s own anti-hero, because somebody needs to be. So this film being made is a perfect progression for society to choke down. Anybody who ever tries to make themselves a Hero, to rise above for the sake of a greater good – will always be hated and resented just as much as they could be loved. Human history has shown that. And in turn, that will affect said Hero.

Granted, these are all my own thoughts, my own takes, post-film. There will be plenty of others, all stating the opposite, and then the opposite of that…and of that…and yadda yadda chirp chirp bleep. Yep. That’s the world.

[All of human history, summed up in “yadda yadda chirp chirp bleep” LOL].

An undoubtedly there will be a million or so naysayers hating on the film just because it was made, and it can be understood, and here they were thinking of themselves all highly and pat-me-on-the-back because I’ve read this cultural Underground book. They’ll hate every single “average joe” who comes out of the theater having understood any single one line of the film, and insist that that wasn’t what the book was, that the book is much better (because, of course, they can claim to be in an Elite for having read and discussed it). And hey, maybe they are right. Cool. “whateva”. *chuckle*

My generation did, unfortunately, produce a lot of snobs, and snobbery and Intellectual Elitists claiming to hate Elitism while patting themselves on the back. heh heh. Throughout the years I’ve generally just taken to smiling at them, grinning and walking away chuckling. So cute.


4 Responses to “The Watchmen”

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  3. gypsygies Says:

    Thank you so much! Too often I feel I write and send it off into the nether for no eye to ever Read. It’s a fresh relief to find someone reads some thought of mine.

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