Gypsy needs a new bikini….

Ok so lately I’ve put learning to be a better, stronger swimmer (i.e. ‘learning to swim’) down under “basic survival skills 101” because I LOVE being in the water – you cannot keep me OUT of the water. It has always been that way, but yet I’ve never bothered to learn to swim. I just kindof stand around in the water, float a little bit, stroke once or twice and stay in the shallow. Lately, I’ve decided 1) I love being in the water so much and 2) I need to lose weight… actually go together! So I’ve been at the nearby Gold’s, swimming. So completely out of shape that, as I’ve previously pointed out, I could only swim 1/3rd the length of the lane before being completely out of breath. And the first day I started out really, really splashy. But I’ve only gone a few times, maybe a week’s worth, and I can already swim half the lane, with slightly less effort (less needless splash). I catch my breath faster. I usually do this only twice full…back and forth both ways…across the lane as the muscles aren’t there yet. And -wow- has my full body been muscles tired after two full rounds – so I know I must be burning at least some calories.

Today worked out very well (sortof). I could actually have stood it working out slightly *less* well, all in all, but we’ll get to that. The place was very busy! Turns out the guy in a lane 2 over from me, named Dave, was very outgoing and and…happens to be an ex-swim instructor and lifeguard! So he was smiling and saying ‘hi’ to everyone and no one would give him much back, but me being friendly me said hi back and he introduced himself and I told him my name. One lane later…I’m there laughing in my lane because I’m so out of shape and converstation opens…I got a free swim lesson! That’s when he told me he used to teach swimming, and be a lifeguard and then he taught me how to kick better (from the knee only), then how to do my arms better (thumbs out, better hand positioning) and attempted to teach me how to breath (yeah…good luck with that one). As an ex-singer, I do tend to breath from my diaphragm, but that still doesn’t mean I breath when I’m supposed to. That’s the touchiest point to me in any exercise program…I have almost no ability to breath through my nose anymore (see: surgury needed) and all in all my lungs themselves are just out of shape! I get frustrated if you try to bitch at me about I’m-not-breathing-right. I’ll keep it in mind (now leave me alone LOL).

So nice chancing there:  free (needed) swim lesson :’)! However, most the way through, he’s explained something and then went off to swim…I look down…my bikini has slipped. My right breast is exposed. completely. He got paid, I guess.

I can’t believe noone said anything, though – there was like 4 other people there with various others passing by… and I think it only shocks me a little because I’m *so* the kind of person who would tell you. I don’t care if I don’t know you. I don’t care if I don’t like you (ok, true enough, I’m not the kind of person who doesn’t like people, in general…you have to have some pretty strong character traits to force me to think in terms of “do not like”…generally liking or not liking somebody doesn’t occur to me, I just accept everyone). I don’t care if you’re famous and I’m not supposed to talk to you, or be candid. If you’re flashing me, I’m going to tell you. Hell, Kelly Clarkson or the Queen of England (ew) could be in the pool with a breast exposed and I’d be like “HEY! You’re flashing us!” – said quietly in their ear, of course. I consider it basic politeness. But other people just get too embarressed about such things and stay quiet. I’ll never get that.


4 Responses to “Gypsy needs a new bikini….”

  1. Wow, sounds like you both got a great story out of it! :-) Props to him for not staring, at least, right? I wonder what will happen if you see him again; if this were a sitcom, we’d just be at the first act!

  2. gypsygies Says:

    Oh I don’t know – since I’m not really the kind of person who gets lastingly embarrassed about something – you know? I mean not something like that…I’m not an exhibitionist at all, but at the same time I’m not particularly modest. If someone happens to see me, I’m like `well, oh well’. It’s more of a “dammit!!” then a `I’m never going out in public again’ thing LOL.

    I have a feeling I’ll run into him again. Too bad he wasn’t good looking (LOL).

  3. gypsygies Says:

    Okay only 1 way, and only once. The first time…and I think I kinda blew myself out because I was a little weaker swimmer after that (though still made my half lanes). I *barely* made it – but I did make it 1-way once, dammit. I was happy with myself LOL.

    And I’ve now decided that my bikini top is a sentient malicious lifeform *intent* on exposing my right breast. I was much more watchful of it today, but caught it barely a few times. Either that, or my right boob is independently an exhibitionist whilst the rest of me remains non.

    I won’t really have any money until Tuesday so I can’t buy a new top…but made the decision to swim anyway, because that’s like 5 days away and I’m not willing to give up that much progress for the sake of modesty. Hell, if I were really that modest I wouldn’t be openly discussing the independent adventures of my right boob. LOL

    I did learn something about myself today, though. I’m a little shocked, all in all. Though not overly modest, I do actually go to a bathroom stall to change in the locker room – I consider this a courtesy to others, honestly, as I assume not everyone wants to see my naked ass. But some women don’t. Though I am bisexual, generally speaking you can strip as you please in front of me and it won’t even catch my attention in `that’ way – because it’s situational. I’m not turned on, if it’s not an appropriate situation (call me weird if you like). Friends and models alike can change as they please in front of me and I’ll not even take note. I *thought* I was completely immune. But holy shit people…when I walked into the locker room today, there was the most gorgeous, hot PERFECT 10 blonde…about 5’8″, fully tanned and topless and I admit I had to quickly look down, look away. Eek. I think I looked away a little *too* quickly as I could hear her pause mid-word (she was on the phone) and half-laugh LOL. I had to push past her to get to my locker, too. I’m kindof ashamed but more shocked, really, that anyone was even able to get me to pause at all…catch my attention at all, as I’m so not like that LOL. She was talking about the fact that she just got some paid-by-commission job, too, and I was like `dammit – somebody sign that woman up for modeling! Because she caught *my* normally-dead attention!!’ 8)

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