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We Celebrate Darkness…

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Here is something that’s always irritated me: we, as a culture, celebrate all the wrong things. We celebrate injuries. We pause our lives for the Anniversary of MLK’s assassination. People wanted to raise up giant monuments to the tragedy of 9/11. When John F. Kennedy Jr died, his family gave reverance to the Sea (where he died). We attach “The Great” to the names of mass killers.

What is wrong with that?

It’s morbid as all shit, that’s what. Let it go.

We are encouraged to worship darkness – to revere defeat, injuries. That’s what socially acceptable. We’ve got a guy on a rood of tortured death for 2,000 years for crying out loud. And that’s a symbol of Love? It’s sick. Let him down already! And we wonder why our culture is so broken – we pop out endless psycho and socio-paths, we all need drugs to feel happy.

If a gunman walks into a room and threatens office workers, those office workers will worship that moment forever. They will stop the rest of their day, they will be traumatized for life over it because they’re taught that’s socially acceptable. They’ll give interviews about how dramatic it was. They won’t heal. They won’t say “well I didn’t get shot, I’m unharmed” and go on about their day. They choose instead to give endless more power to the wrong-do’ers. They revere them. Allow them to destroy their days.

Every time we stop everything to worship 9/11 we give endless more power to those who struck us that day. Build monuments to their power! I say we heal instead. We look them in the eye and say “No…you do not have this power over me, I will not revere you”. We give great fame to the most vile of creatures among men! Jack the Ripper – still remembered! I say the names of mass murderers should never even be known. They don’t deserve that satisfaction.

Revere MLK’s birthday. Let his assassination pass without mark. I do not worship those that took him. Say a prayer onceĀ  for the victims of 9/11 and let it pass. Let the families heal instead of clinging forever to this shrine of death. Revere the Lives of instead of the Deaths of.


Whatever it is that kills me, I hope those who have known me will celebrate my life instead. I hope the day of my death will go unnoticed in time, even to those closest to me. My living days are much more important.