The Fame Lotto

I had this strange, strange dream last night in which there quite literally was a Lottery for Fame. A whole crowd of ordinary people were crowded around a platform with some charismatic dude calling out “And who wants to be Famous today?” and the crowd cheered and went wild. Nobody was even the least bit interested in anybody standing next to them. They couldn’t have been more *disinterested*. Then silence as he pulled a lotto number and instantly the card of the winning lotto person started flashing…it was some sort of electronic card, making it immediately seeable who had won. The crowd gasped and stepped back a foot, someone asked his name (“Dunwoody”) and instantly people began excited calling out “I got to stand next to him! *I* was NEXT to Dunwoody!! THE Dunwoody! I got to touch him!!” and the crowd which had momentarily stepped back began to crush in with people asking for his autograph, taking pictures of him with them, asking about his likes/dislikes, one guy (yes, guy) even shouting out asking for his hand in marriage,  and he was slowly pushed forward to the platform. Thus ends my dream.

(or rather, it morphed into something else entirely at that point).

All in all the lotto caller was like a mix of vaudeville and a used car salesman. As was the entire dream, really. bizarre.


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