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Got Dove Love

Posted in Uncategorized on July 31, 2009 by gypsygies

The National Dove Association is meeting outside our house. Or so it seems. Never seen so many in one place when it’s *not* migration time. Just random. They all came to our house to taunt my cat I guess.

Poor poor Padme (kitty chatter is so very cute though!). She’s trying to talk to them and find out why they’re here but they just blink and stare…blink and stare. Don’t think they care. :’D


Kelly Clarkson keeps getting screwed over…

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Ryan Tedder, of the group One Republic, sold the same track to both Beyonce and Kelly to write to. Kelly’s album was already in print, Beyonce’s came out first – compare song “Halo” (Beyonce) and “Already Gone” (Kelly). I only had to listen to a few moments of “Halo” to say “OMFG What the hell was Ryan Tedder Doing?!?” It’s so obviously the same track, sold twice.

Here is what gets me: instead of being supportive of their mega-artist, and concerned – her (Kelly’s) label is fighting her. They made one of the stupidest label decisions I’ve heard of – *after* being told that Tedder gave the same track to both Beyonce and Kelly…they still made the decision to release Kelly’s song “Already Gone” as a single. Sure, it’s a great song. I love the song. However, to release it as a single once the other song with the same backing track has already been a hit for another artist? *Who* made that decision? I’m sorry but they need to be fired. They need to be in a different industry. Not the music industry. Even if it was Clive himself that made that call – then he needs to go to the old folk’s home.

Furthermore and actually more importantly – Kelly Clarkson’s label (and their lawyers…) needs to be tracking down Ryan Tedder and asking this very very important question: Did you sell the other tracks on Kelly’s album to another artist as well?? That’s what’s caught my attention. If he double sold that one track to two major artists – Kelly has another 5 songs on the album (delux edition) that were also co-wrote by Tedder. And it’s great stuff – some of my favorite songs. He’s obviously quite talented. However, obviously shakey on the “Ethics” side of things like business and personal accountability to good people.  “If I Can’t Have You” is one of my favorite songs on the album and a prime great candidate for a Single – it’s got “single” all over it…catchy, sexy, upbeat… well done. But are we now going to find the same music track on some other major artists record? Curious… and concerning.

Kelly has stated she called Ryan and said “I don’t understand – why would you do that?” but sadly, she does not state his response. I would be very interested to hear his response.

It should be noted that Tedder equally screwed Beyonce in double selling the track. She made out much better with it because she released it as a single first – but the fact remains that it was just as wrong for Tedder to have given her something already sold. I think the labels, instead of not supporting their artists, need to be tracking down Tedder pronto and investigating what else he has double sold.


Posted in Religion, Spirituality & Ethics on July 12, 2009 by gypsygies

Today I say the Universe has no idea why it exists either. God is just as clueless as we are. All of time exists already, future present and past somewhere along the bend of the curved Universe and it simply *Is*. Like the tree that just stands there, and exists. No purpose, no lack thereof, no question, just simply Is. All happens as it does because it has already happened – all the multitude of possibilities in a timeline all played out already somewhere in the bend that simply exists.  And I say God, i.e. “the Universe”, has no idea how that happened either.

And I hate allergies.

There. That’s my random spat out ramble of the day. Be Happy. Or perhaps at least more entertained than you were two minutes ago. Now, move along.