Diabetes is not a medical problem. . .

Got your attention? You say *of course* it’s a medical problem! It’s a medical condition!

Well yes, it is. Diabetics need medical monitoring and often prescriptions to stay alive and healthy. Sure, often lifestyle and diet changes as well. But the fact remains there *is* a valid medical condition.

How about cancer? That’s not a medical condition! Surely if you just changed your negative mind you would not have cancer anymore! Just go an talk to someone and it’ll be ALRIGHT.

Why do I sound pissed and irritated?


I hate that people, even “doctors”, think it’s *wrong* that more people are seeking help for their depression. They automatically assume that Depression is *not* a medical condition. Therapy Solves All – it’s all just about how you’re thinking…

Guess what? Chemicals in the brain not present or not being processed correctly *affect* how someone thinks… a therapist can talk all they want – if the brain isn’t doing what it’s Supposed to be doing biologically, the problems will persist. The person will be no more able to control their anguish than a diabetic can simply say “I’m not having trouble at this time” while they collapse  on the floor. The brain not correctly processing a needed chemical is a biological condition – a medical condition. I’m all for therapy – if I had my way everybody in the world would have a therapist just to “catch” the people not seeking help who really need it. However, I hate the fear-mongering associated with these types of  articles. More depressed people are taking prescriptions to help ease their suffering? *gasp!* Diabetics take Insulin? *gasp!* Surely that’s not right!!

It just pisses me off that people cannot see that when the body, including the brain, is not doing what it is *supposed* to be doing – that affects the person. Yes, therapy is needed for people to try to undo the psychological and emotional damage of whatever their condition has done to them. However, the brain still will not be able to process or produce those chemicals…resulting in the person being biologically depressed, regardless of how much talking is done. Both parts need treating.

I have thanked God many a time that I do not suffer the disorder “Bi-Polar”. But I have had up close and deeply involved contact with someone who does. Someone who suffers a very serious case of it. I caught a glimpse of the nightmarish world she lives in. To me, it’s like staring into the face of Hell itself. The woman has absolutely no control over her biological swings without her medication. Her mind and emotions are simply dragged along screaming through whatever door her brain’s chemistry pushes. She can talk about all she wants. But the way her brain is handling chemicals will still respond with Chaos. Through the de-stigmatizing of mental health and emotional well being issues, it is slowly coming out that more people than previously guessed suffer from this horrific condition. Perhaps not as bad as she suffers, but none the less they are now seeking the help they were too stigmatized to seek before. So honestly I don’t care if everyone in the nation starts seeking mental health and that makes big headlines. So long as it allows the people who *really* need it, like her, to get that help. There’s so much craziness and suffering in this world that could be avoided if people just learned to take their own emotional and mental health more seriously.


2 Responses to “Diabetes is not a medical problem. . .”

  1. Hi there, nice site with good info. I really like coming back here often. There’s only one thing that annoys me and that is the misfunctioning of comment posting. I usually get to 500 error page, and have to do the post twice.

    • gypsygies Says:

      Thanks! Sadly I have no idea why it’s giving you an error :'( That would get really annoying. But thanks for taking the time to post a comment anyway and let me know you’re out there!

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