The Morning Bus

I am sitting here late at night for some reason thinking about one moment years ago in Minneapolis. It was shortly after I had moved there, winter had set in and I had stood waiting outside in the cold for the bus. Snow, wind, freezing. Not wanting to be awake. Miserable.
Then I got on the bus. Immediately after I sat down some man, maybe late 40’s, turned to me, looked me in the eye and asked me to tell him about some nice moment in my life. “Share a nice memory with me”. So I did. He listened intently as I described one night years before …when on a camping trip with some friends, I had slipped out in the middle of the night and through the woods and down to this area where there was a small play area …swings. It was a still, clear, quiet night and I got on a swing and it was as if the Universe and I were the only things existant at the moment. Just me swinging against, and with, the Universe at large. It was brilliant and beautiful and most of all …so, so peaceful.

When I was finished with my story, this man simply got up and got off the bus …leaving me in my nice moment. I was still there –cold, wet, tired and miserable on the morning bus …but I was also back there –swinging on that swingset in the woods, under the stars … and I thought: “What a nice man!” That was so nice of him … so very kind … to pick at random a person seeming unhappy and simply by listening transport them back to a better moment. What a nice way to start a day.

And now I have two moments, tied together in a way. That miserable morning on the bus, because of one quick simple action by a stranger, is now a nice memory to look back to. People like that make me hope for the Race.


One Response to “The Morning Bus”

  1. This is so cool, among other positive adjectives.

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