The Half-Broken World

Occasionally it both depresses and generally irritates me that I live a life in the Half-Broken World. The television downstairs only works when you hit the side of it really, really hard (I kid you not). And even then only for a few minutes, until you have to whop it again. My little tv upstairs is a fuzzy freebie graciously granted to me by the landlord. My computer, yes, half-broken… the memory in it is dying, and the case fans, knows what else. The thermostat upstairs…half broken. You have to manually turn it on and off. So I wake up at 5am broiling, sweating it’s 85 degrees. I turn the bugger down…wake up a few hours later freezing cold, even covered in blankets. I’ve told the landlord the past 4 months now that I’ve been here, and he’s told me the past 4 months he’ll “fix it tomorrow”. Then he freaks out and complains when he gets large electricity bills (. . . !). The VCR doesn’t actually play tapes anymore, just serves as a connector for the tv-to-dvd player. The Car? oh my god… we could be here all day discussing the mostly-broken state of that poor limping thing. A ’92 cutless ceirra with more miles on it then anybody can believe. Needs new rear brakes, recently told all 4 motor mounts are broken (holds the Motor in place.. $500…riiight), *still* has a broken rear driver’s side window from years ago. Can’t fix it, costs too much and something more vital always breaks. Rattles like an old lady gasping for breath.

Yes, the glamorous Half-Broken World. What astounds me more is the fact that there are actually people who do *not* live in the Half-Broken World. They live beside me, but on another planet where things actually work. They drive cars that both stop and go when asked. They live in buildings that are not too hot, nor too cold. They have showers that have not only hot and cold water, but that mysterious-to-me setting inbetween, I’ve heard called “warm”. Televisions, telephones, technology and mechanics that actually do what they were intended to. Sounds like mythology to me.

Granted, I was quite pleased that the Ice button on the refrigerator actually produces ice, because that’s the first one of those things I’ve *ever* seen that actually works. It even has  “crushed ice” setting and produces…crushed ice! Then last week that stopped working. Go figure. Well, that was good while it lasted.


3 Responses to “The Half-Broken World”

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