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Tamper Resistant World

Posted in Commentary, Uncategorized on October 20, 2009 by gypsygies

Today I came across a “tamper resistant” bottle of vitamins, and was forced to believe them when I failed to “tamper” with it ….say…to get out my daily vitamin. Oh, great: I’ve bought a nice bottle of vitamins to use as a modern art decoration.
I was wondering where this ends. Our technology to keep unwanted hands out of our stuff is getting ever more complicated and effective. But it seems to me that the small hands and large creative minds of Children are socially evolving much faster than our Adult minds are capable of keeping up with. Their ability to get into our shit is starting to exceed our own ability to get into our shit.


Donut Buyer

Posted in Commentary, Uncategorized on October 5, 2009 by gypsygies

I’ve noticed a distinct difference between me, the occasional donut-buyer, and the Avid donut-buyer. Today I was in line, got to the counter, and asked for “one of those chocolate-covered thingies”. The guy behind me stepped up to the counter and ordered “a Raspberry Bismark”. These donuts have names, apparently. Though my donut was different from his, it suddenly occurred to me that that maybe it has a name, too. I was actually impressed. I briefly wondered how many times a day this man watches the Simpsons, and if Homer is his idol. He was definitely a more Intellectual donut buyer, though: suit, tie, and “Please give me a Raspberry Bismark”. This guy’s a Pro at this. I suddenly felt like my “new user”-ish level of donut-buying must be blatantly obvious to everyone around me. I took my chocolate covered thingy and slipped away up the back stairs.