pre-Kelly Clarkson concert

Well, I suppose all in all, this is what makes me .. *me*:

In the months/weeks leading up to this concert, I was all “I’m gonna lose some weight” “I’m gonna look great” (this phase quickly passed), then “I’m going to wear a cool skirt and the coolest/cutest shirt I can find. I’m going to look nice!”

The concert is today. In a few hours. She’s likely doing warm up at this moment. Today? I’m like “I’m wearing jeans and my favorite comfortable shirt, even though it has a small hole in it. I’m going there to see Her, it’s not like she’s going to be looking at Me, or see me, and everybody else there will also be looking at Her.” So hell with it. LOL I will look my everyday casual self. As though I were going to no big deal at all. I love Kelly Clarkson. seriously – she’s great. But it’s not like there’s really any reason to dress up for it LOL. I will be comfy instead. Maybe even shorts. lol

“Floor 3 row C seat 8”. Because I’m so good at finding my way through large buildings and crowds… (ahem..not).

~ Gypsy.


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