I want to stay here
in my mind
where the winds of the world
can be harbored
or freed
and I can breath
or not breath
at the moments I choose.
I wish to drive here on this road
or until I desire
to Stop.
No pauses caused by loss of momentum
by forces without
only forces within, fueling the engine steady
the music plays as I choose it to play
and I am there, in the sound
somewhere in each voice and chord
a different tune, a different singer
the soul the same, in that moment.
Shared, unknown
a wild intimacy with strangers
I will never meet
that agree to share this soul with me
but remain ignorant
of Mine.
This one-sided deal seems a shame
as I hit a bump in the road
but the night is clear
the night is clear
the Moon high and the air cool
the air is fresh, made for my lungs only
Take me with you, sweet road of endless stories
let me stay with you, dreams of what’s Over There
who is in this town? And what is it like?
And I am in my mind
where everything I perceive
for that moment.
Serenity in motion.


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