short initial comment on KC concert

While I have more to say about the actual concert and concert goers, most will have to wait as apparently seeing the sheer beauty of Kelly bruised my eyes. The woman really is quite stunning, and today my right eye in particular is intensely sore. Obviously that must be it. Bruised by beauty so stunning it whacks you upside the head. Or at least me. LOL.  And I must say that if you have not seen her in person, and you think she’s attractive – you really should see her in person: because no photograph or video has ever done justice to the pure Sexy of that woman’s curves. She does have boobs (despite what she says), she was wearing a very sexy shredded shirt that form fit and showed off her feminine curves very well. Hot.

And, on that note, I also have to add that Kate is quite the hotty! I had no idea. I’m not really into blondes in general, and for some reason it’s never occured to me from their videos (JillandKate) or photos but when she stepped on stage in person I did stop and think “Damn Kate’s hot! Who knew?”. She better watch out or Kate will have her own little gay following. There will be like a Kelly Clarkson “gay admirer” line and a “Kate” one right next to it. LOL. If that’s something that would bother her – poor Kate. :'(  She’s quite fine.

Ok. So there you got the “goober” reactions out of the way first, but the more technical and probably interesting commentary will have to wait, because Kelly bruised my eyes. Hey, don’t blame me – go talk to the woman’s parents. They should apologize to me (or at least my eye) for having such astounding genes to pop out That. ;’P

Incidentally, there was a cute techie guy running around on the sides too. At one point I thought “I’ll take Kelly, Kate and a side o’ that techie to go, please.” ;’P He had sorta that somewhat geeky cuteness to him, nice beard.


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