motion and structure

What does the world eventually do with people like me? People whose “roots” are more in the abstract sense, and spread about the world… instead of grounded in one space. People like me. They do exist, right? It’s not that we’re not “grounded”…it’s just that we are high & low simultaneously. Exist on plural levels…and therefore, I suppose, blurry to the rest of normal society. Those who are “structure” instead of constant “structuring” may idolize us, romanticize us…but not really understand us…and therefore, in part, criticize us.

I look back at my life….a year here, 2 years there, 7 there…and I realize that even in my most “still” moments, I am in constant motion. Even now…when feeling my life is stagnate…moving toward nothing…I realize it is the sheer lack of permanent grounding…”placing”… that keeps the blur of motion. It’s not that I’m moving, but that I could be in motion at any given moment. It’s not that I don’t want a permanent home, but more that I cannot be chained there. “Sit – Stay!”. Not like my friends…like Dave…who finds a spot and claims it. The whole WORLD is my “spot”. More so, and much less so, than for someone like him. Poverty keeps me from it, and he will get to see it. But something inside of me…the motion, I suppose…belongs to it anyway.


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