Rainy Days and…

Today is a day in which I, technically, have much I should do.

But it’s raining. And it’s chilly. And I am content… to just *be*. Rainy days…when it’s actually Raining… don’t get me down. They make me serene. Gently smiling and content, generally speaking. I can get into a good rain. A great day time thunderstorm even better – very exciting!


As most know, if it’s *not* actually raining but just hanging about unmotivated Gloomy – then I’m less pleased. Downright apathetic, listless and even bummed.  But Rain…rain is an action, a beautiful action (unless you’re in the NE where it never STOPS…ahem…). The rain smells nice. Freshens the air. The little patter of pixie feet drumming on the world that is Life. *Breath In… Deep*.


I don’t *feel* like being productive! I feel like curling up with a great book, a blankie, my beloved kitty Padme (who would undoubtedly fuss at being woken from her own slumber to be cuddled), Patty Griffin or The Sundays…maybe Mozart, and a warm cup of some nice tea.



(Ok I do have that old Carpenter’s song playing somewhere in the background of my brain…competing with a “Making Me Nervous [Brad Sucks]/”Tip of my Tongue” [Kelly Clarkson] medly. The jukebox of my brain can be an odd place to reside sometimes lol. )







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