cashniverous car

so saturday night when I arrived at work, and opened my trunk to take my bag out…there was a loud POP and the trunk opened way wider than it should. “huh, that’s not good.”

then the truck would not Close. Not at all. Had to leave it open while I ran inside the building and fetched a security guard to come out and help me figure it out (good guy). He pointed out the issue – my rear passenger side shock broke, and shot up through my trunk, bending the trunk bar (that allows it to close) on that side. Trunk no closing, shock destroyed.  The security guard…and his handy rope, and handy pocket knife (god bless)…was able to rig it enough to rope it closed. But there it had to sit until 7am this morning, because no place was open on sunday (of course).

This morning at 7am when I got off of work (thankfully landlord, then roommate, gave me a ride…27 miles across town which is how far I live from work….)..I had to take it 3 blocks down to the nearest (thankfully nearby) Firestone. The shock and the thing that holds the shock both broken. $249 (was $276 but they gave me a discount I think based on the fact that I had literally to get a ride to the bank, to cash my paycheck, to hand it over to them…so they gave me a few dollars back… nice of them).

The trunk, however, is totally jacked. Still has to be roped closed and car looks more ghetto than EVER. When the shock broke it bent the bar that allows the trunk to close…it’s disjointed now like a dislocated shoulder, basically. It will have to be fixed, sadly, as it cannot be left quite in the shape it is in. God only knows how many tickets I’d get just based on a Texas cop not liking the looks of my car. I can only shudder and try not to imagine at the moment how much some body shop will want for that.

The firestone had never actually seen that happen. Never seen one go quite that badly. Oddly enough, the car was not riding badly or rough or anything. So – who knew?

They were actually afraid at first to even put the car on the lift to look under it, because the mechanic knew something underneath it had broken…to allow the shock to come up through the trunk like that. So for the first long part he was down on all fours crawling underneath it with a flashlight, afraid if he put it on the lift that wheel would fall right off.  !  And all this on no sleep… because you know I had to work at 11pm last night to 7am this morning, then call them and deal with this. I’m usually unconscious by at least 3 hours by now. Exhausted. I didn’t exactly sleep very well last night knowing the mystery of the broken car lay still ahead.

And of course that check was most of my upcoming rent. So that will be interesting. Something will give.

I do have two extra shifts this week, because someone wanted off for Thanksgiving…so I get to work a whole 4 days this week instead of my usual 2. And the way the days fall I will get paid 3 times in December. Doesn’t help me on December 1st, but at least looks better in the long run. Let the cards play out.


[ps – oh on another positive note, work gave us all a $25 H.E.B. gift card for the holiday….which will allow me to buy a little bit of food.]


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