The Trouble with Heaven…

I can certainly understand the original intention and need for the “Heaven” idea in religion. The peasants are poor, they are hungry, their lives are an exercise in pain, strife and suffering. “Hold on… hold on…. you will be Rewarded.”.

But now I see that “Believe in Me, and you will be Rewarded” is what has come from it. It is no longer an unconditional promise, it’s a sales pitch. All it has done is set up another system of Rewards & Punishments…another form of Capitalism. “Do This – For This.”. “Believe This, and I will give you all that you want.”.

Well I say that Heaven does not matter. While it may once have been a statement of compassion and comfort, I say it has now corrupted the point of the religion.

Heaven does not matter.

What we do in this life, should be for this life…for it’s own reward of having done it, done something Good. To do so for any other reward inevitably corrupts it…turns all things into a system of Greed. “I am doing this, this thing for God, because I want to get into Heaven.”. When men become greedy, they become gullable…morally gullable. So desperate for the outside reward that they will believe the Sun is Night, the Moonlight Sin, and  confuse Black from White. It becomes a race…a race to keep up with what someone else charismatic and confident has told you you must do, be like. “I must have that reward.”.

Take the reward inside, and forget Heaven. Heaven does not matter. Trust that your God is within you when you act in kindness, speak in compassion, fight for those different from you but oppressed – God is within, let that be enough. Forget the capitalism. Leave systems of rewards & punishments out of your everyday mindset. Do what is good to be done because there is good within you. Leave “Heaven” out of the equation.

You should need no greedy reward from a God of Love, for anything. The love is enough. Remember it. Let these priests of “you must do This/be This/believe in This” corrupt you no more.

~ Gypsy Gies.

[Oddly enough, this was written on returning to my hotel room from the Corpus Christi Kelly Clarkson concert and meeting her. I’ve no idea why meeting her prompted me to get off my ass and write down this thing I’ve been *meaning* to write for a long time…but it did. It was thus written on the back of my hotel directions. lol. So a thank you goes out to Ms Kelly Clarkson. ].


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  1. Nice blogpost, good looking blog, added it to my favs.

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