when time stops

This day passes
like the one before it
without you

and I told myself I’d be alright
I told myself it’s just fine
that I don’t need to be with you anyway

And here I stand, restless
one part of me unconsciously waiting
while the rest of me denies
because I shouldn’t want to hear your voice anyway
and I know I’m fine (I’m not fine)

But if this clock is lying
and no time has passed at all
and each moment I pause here for you
I’m lost forever
lost forever

then I don’t know how I’ll be alright
each night passes so slowly
why can’t we just move on
but I don’t need you
I don’t need you
and each sentence I say without you
isn’t empty
isn’t meaningless
I know I will move on

once this clock
starts ticking again

[ ~ Gypsy Gies ]


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