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careful does the wind fall

Posted in Prose-ish on January 17, 2010 by gypsygies

careful does the wind fall
on the weathered beaten
slippery is the ice
on every path
dark is every forrest
that one passes through
and grayer no sky ever was

in this bleak and destitute scenery of a life
what happiness is expected here?
in the tombs of our ancestors they have written
that hope
hope lies within
when darkness overcomes the day
only what is within is left

careful does the wind fall
and slippery is the path
dark is the forrest
and grey is the sky

walk only in the light
the light that shines within
walk only in the light
through this neverending night.

[after a very bad night…~ G]


“my mind doth perk”

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5:19AM (at work)

So today (Sunday), inbetween sleeping stints, I watched as Kelly Clarkson read and responded to some of her “fan” replies on Twitter. There was some creep who apparently text’d her many times about her body…I read two of them, both in close proximity to one another and stating the likes of `i miss when u had a smokin body!’ and ‘i miss when u had washboard abs! like in the walk away music video, u looked amazing! u always showed ur bellybutton’. Kelly at first replied she gave them up for a Life, and eventually replied to the dolt the likes that he’s creeping her out and “here’s a tip, stop being weird dude”.

All these hours later, my mind keeps glancing back to those messages. Here’s the thing: this dude is not a fan of Kelly, that’s obvious. He is a fan of Britany “et al”. He is somehow under the impression that ALL women should look like Britany. That all women should always mould themselves to his particular view of “attraction” and that is their main purpose in the spotlight. Kelly did this at first, then realized she was unhappy and that it’s just not healthy for her. The creep must obviously consider her to have talent, he has remembered her name post-flat stomach. However, the fact that he spent his time and energy to spam her twitter with whining about her refusal to be unhealthy and perfect just amazes me. It shouldn’t, but it does. This idea out there that some men so thoroughly consider that women must revolve around *them* and their desires for our bodies – I mean …how, exactly, did this person expect Kelly to respond? “Oh I’m not sexy to YOU? I’m dieting right NOW then”. I wanted to respond to Kelly telling her that as far as *I’m* concerned she is simply Stunning and I love her beautiful Greek curves. But I didn’t, because of course hearing that from a woman would mean nothing to her, not flattering to her, the point is mute really.

Eventually Kelly gave up in frustration because her Twitter filled up with ridiculous nitpicking and replies to things she did not even say. This always baffles me: people claim to be fans of her, but never Listen to her…never actually READ what she writes. Just glance and jump on it. There was a lot of confusion among stupid people when Kelly gave a funny reply to a funny text of Miranda Lambert. The fact that the text was a reply was very, very clear. There’s no way to make it more clear – it’s just a normal twitter reply for godsakes. However, people cannot read and so Kelly instantly had a whole bunch of tweets to her about Miranda’s tweet assuming it was hers – people are incredibly lazy readers. Kelly is nice enough though she was concerned about the confusion and assumed she did something wrong with the technology and wasn’t clear enough. She was. People were just being stupid. Unfortunately, the stupid folk tend to dominate.

What’s most sad about this is that fan communication is so, so important. For Kelly not to be disconnected with her fanbase, but really to be down-in-it on a ground level, in the trenches sometimes right with the fans, and show an interest in keeping communication open – this is so very important for a career of today and strong lasting power. You tend to be more loyal to people you’ve actually had some form of communication with (met them, talked with them, got a message from them, whatever – can form a bond of sorts). Plus, it’s an open opportunity to get to know some people who are looking at you, free information for your own growing wisdom of the world. The amount of people willing to Give you not only their adoration but information from their lives…so many lives lived…the woman has a near infinite well of vicarious life experience to grow from. What she hasn’t seen, she can understand and be wiser from because it’s in the eyes and mouths of her fans. This is a golden jewel that so many celebrities seem to miss seeing, understanding: your talent grants you an open door not only to wealth, a better life and adoration of masses – it grants you an open well of personal growth and wisdom, if you’re paying attention. A unique perspective of the world because you can see it through so many individual eyes. But then again, many just want the wealth and blind adoration LOL. I think the deeper enriching in communication is worth so much more. I suspect Kelly is a person who cannot live on money and blind adoration alone. That’s empty, would leave you so empty. Giving all of yourself individually, but not allowing yourself to get anything individually from the fans – only en mass. En mass just doesn’t grant as much. People end up Empty.

Unfortunately, a lot of the stupid folk that misread and don’t understand are the ones that get through to Kelly. And thus, she will most likely give up and retreat again into some shell, frustrated. She’s willing to be open, but that means having to shuffle through so much of the stupid and creepy to have a good direct line to the rest. I really hope she doesn’t give up and keeps going. In the long run the open line to her fans, two-way, would prove such a blessing.

Things You Should Listen To (One)

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I labeled this “one” because I am sure there will always be other lists later.

Here are great songs. I will list songs instead of artists because you can then check out the artist as you please.

I almost always purchase through MP3, when available (and have included that link when possible). As you can tell, I put a completely unreasonable amount of work into this for the almost no one that will actually look at it. LOL Ah, well – music obsessed am I.

Cursing the Ohio” by Matt King (Buy It)
All 4 The Betta” by C.C. Adcock (Buy It)
East Coast Bound” by JillandKate [which made me nostalgic for Boston, though I’ve never been
there…GJ lol xo] (Buy It)
Bloodshot” by Micky & The Motorcars ([ignore the “Country” label it’s Blues Rock, trust me] (Buy It)
Ain’t No Grave” by Crooked Still (Buy It)
Psychotic Girl” by The Black Keys (Buy It)
Blue Sky” by Patty Griffin (Buy It)
Falling From Grace” by The Gentle Waves (Buy It)
Don’t Forget To Breath” by Beulah (Buy It)
“Goodbye Daily Sadness” by Cruiserweight (Buy It) [sadly I can find no preview of this gem, but you can buy the album from their site]
Nothing Left To Lose” by 8mm (Buy It)
“Veteran” by the Kidney Thieves (Buy It)
Ossining” by Mike Doughty (Buy It)
Ok we come to the first gridlock: “Fields of Flowers (And Wild Strawberries)” (Buy It) is my favorite from Deathray, but “Only Lies” is probably a better representation of them and also a great song! (Buy It)
Her First Party” by The Deathray Davies (Buy It)
by Kelly Clarkson (Buy It)
Tip of my Tongue” by Kelly Clarkson (Buy It)
Bohemian Like You” by The Dandy Warhols (Buy It)
Lost At Home” by The Sun (Buy It) [I put this song on Repeat and it never, ever gets old. I love it endlessly]
Overkill” by Kosheen (Buy It)
One More Day” by Derek James (Buy It)
Dice” by Finley Quaye (Buy It)
Paralyzed” by Rock Kills Kid (Buy It)
Struggle” by Ringside (Buy It)
Whetstones” by Deb Talan (Buy It)
Curve of the Earth” by Matt Nathanson (Buy It)

what I like about cats

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A rubber band is the coolest thing Man has ever invented. To a cat, it’s a strange anomaly they can’t quite comprehend but are utterly fascinated with. I like feeling like I possess “high technology”.

catnip = Kitty Drug. Non-expensive, non-life-threatening, not-too-addictive…but a world o’drugged-out feline fun.

the different planet people

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past notes I found that still totally apply…was written some years ago when I was a mail clerk:

This morning at the Capital Station post office building, there was some uptight blond woman in a suit fussing about some random person who “always gets to park in the 15-minute zone”. She was doing that thing where bitching is dressed as polite inquiry: “Excuse me…Hi!…I was just wondering…there’s this person that parks every day in the 15-minute zone, and I was wondering how they got that privilege?” Asking as though she just wants to know who to ask for that privilege, when really it’s just a way of bitching about some stranger’s action. She was really all over it, though, becoming less polite and more forceful, like by some damned pre-worked formula, giving the rent-a-cops at the desk a real hard time until they agreed to go harass some hapless shit. I just found myself thinking “man, what an incredible amount of effort to go to for somebody else’s actions which in no way directly affect your life…” _So What_ some shit parks in the 15-minute zone. Big deal. Go on with your day. Is this really something worth that kind of effort? To even bother to be bothered by it seems like a lot to me. Must be exhausting to just walk around like that. I mean…people are doing their own strange shit all the time — are these people bothered by it all?

Saturday at the public pool I passed some guy giving the pay attendant a hard time because “people really shouldn’t be splashing around like that, and you guys really need to be doing something about it! If you have any questions, you can mail me or call the [blah-blah-blah]…” Again, this guy was just all over it. I thought laying in the sun, or swimming is exhausting enough — this guy’s got enough energy to spare to just spout off about stupid shit to some disinterested clerk. It’s a public pool, there are kids, kids splash. ooo-ahhh-wow…that’s something to get up such effort about?

I’m not sure if ‘easy going’ or `apathetic’ really applies to me, maybe they are one in the same …but good gods these people are freaks of a different planet altogether, as far as I’m concerned. Which is really not much, all in all. LOL It’s just something I see and think “huh — wow“. Sometimes feeling like maybe I should leave them a dollar, as though they’re a zoo display of some sort.

the elevator phone

Posted in Commentary on January 2, 2010 by gypsygies

this morning while I was all alone in an elevator…the phone rang. The elevator phone. However, this is a freight elevator and the walls are covered in thick padded stuffs…the only hole cut in this is for the elevator buttons. So I cannot *find* the phone. So I’m in an enclosed, padded room that’s ringing at me. At this point you just wonder who’s fucking with your psychology. And hope the phone call isn’t to tell you the elevator is broken.