the elevator phone

this morning while I was all alone in an elevator…the phone rang. The elevator phone. However, this is a freight elevator and the walls are covered in thick padded stuffs…the only hole cut in this is for the elevator buttons. So I cannot *find* the phone. So I’m in an enclosed, padded room that’s ringing at me. At this point you just wonder who’s fucking with your psychology. And hope the phone call isn’t to tell you the elevator is broken.


2 Responses to “the elevator phone”

  1. That’s disturbing! What ended up happening? I suppose you just got off at your floor with the phone still ringing?

  2. gypsygies Says:

    Actually someone else got in the elevator and there were two of us bewildered padding down the padded walls trying to find the source of the ringing. It would stop for a moment, then start up again as though someone were really, really trying to get ahold of the folk in the elevator. I got off a floor early. ..!

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