Things You Should Listen To (One)

I labeled this “one” because I am sure there will always be other lists later.

Here are great songs. I will list songs instead of artists because you can then check out the artist as you please.

I almost always purchase through MP3, when available (and have included that link when possible). As you can tell, I put a completely unreasonable amount of work into this for the almost no one that will actually look at it. LOL Ah, well – music obsessed am I.

Cursing the Ohio” by Matt King (Buy It)
All 4 The Betta” by C.C. Adcock (Buy It)
East Coast Bound” by JillandKate [which made me nostalgic for Boston, though I’ve never been
there…GJ lol xo] (Buy It)
Bloodshot” by Micky & The Motorcars ([ignore the “Country” label it’s Blues Rock, trust me] (Buy It)
Ain’t No Grave” by Crooked Still (Buy It)
Psychotic Girl” by The Black Keys (Buy It)
Blue Sky” by Patty Griffin (Buy It)
Falling From Grace” by The Gentle Waves (Buy It)
Don’t Forget To Breath” by Beulah (Buy It)
“Goodbye Daily Sadness” by Cruiserweight (Buy It) [sadly I can find no preview of this gem, but you can buy the album from their site]
Nothing Left To Lose” by 8mm (Buy It)
“Veteran” by the Kidney Thieves (Buy It)
Ossining” by Mike Doughty (Buy It)
Ok we come to the first gridlock: “Fields of Flowers (And Wild Strawberries)” (Buy It) is my favorite from Deathray, but “Only Lies” is probably a better representation of them and also a great song! (Buy It)
Her First Party” by The Deathray Davies (Buy It)
by Kelly Clarkson (Buy It)
Tip of my Tongue” by Kelly Clarkson (Buy It)
Bohemian Like You” by The Dandy Warhols (Buy It)
Lost At Home” by The Sun (Buy It) [I put this song on Repeat and it never, ever gets old. I love it endlessly]
Overkill” by Kosheen (Buy It)
One More Day” by Derek James (Buy It)
Dice” by Finley Quaye (Buy It)
Paralyzed” by Rock Kills Kid (Buy It)
Struggle” by Ringside (Buy It)
Whetstones” by Deb Talan (Buy It)
Curve of the Earth” by Matt Nathanson (Buy It)

5 Responses to “Things You Should Listen To (One)”

  1. well i looked! if i could just give some friendly advice. that paragraph of links would be much easier on the eyes if it was in a list format.

    in any case, sorry to bother you

  2. gypsygies Says:

    You are so right! I shall have to fix that, work on that. I have great trouble getting wordpress to accept any line breaks or spaces…that’s probably what stopped me trying to make a list the first time. WordPress is very anti-line break.

  3. gypsygies Says:

    Thank you! I’m glad you checked back – I used ms frontpage to muscle wordpress into accepting a Table. haha =D

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