The letter I sent to the Austin Mayor today…

PLEASE turn around the Austin Police Dept and make sure they send a very strong message of Absolute ZERO Tolerance for hate crimes. I don’t care what their *personal* definition of a hate crime is, or what their *personal* opinion of gays is – their *Professional* opinion is that these are Citizens who deserve not to be afraid when walking down the street. Recent attack is a perfect opportunity to send a very clear, strong message that such violence will NOT be tolerated. Yes, increase patrols to send this message. Don’t let their current non-concerned stance stand. That basically treats it likes it was a couple of good ol’boys just having fun beating up on some gay kids. We do NOT want a Matthew Sheppard case here. Stop it quickly with a sharp, sharp message.

re: two gay men were attacked by up to 4 male predators after exiting Oil Can Henry’s.


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