On the Devil…

Here is the funny thing that has occurred to me recently about Western Religion:

I have very frequently heard the phrase “Who are YOU to question the Word of GOD??” come out of the mouths of the fundamentalists. They say this phrase most often to keep in line folk who want to argue about hateful passages in the Holy Bible that they wish to enforce upon the populace. `I-don’t-say-this-GOD-says-this and who-are-You-to-argue-with-GOD??’.

But here is the thing: the very invention of the Devil argues with God. It is to say “we do not *like* these things that are happening here and so we must contribute them to something evil”. To do so is to say you understand the Master Plan of God – to put yourself on the same Omnipotent, Omniscient level as the Almighty. To *presume* that you know one thing from another as being in God’s plan argues against God itself. If God is infinitely greater, smarter, than ourselves than only GOD itself makes and molds the Plan. We have no right to attribute certain things to something *outside* of God, as if we were God enough to know the difference. To invent and claim some things are “the Devil’s work” and “demons” and “witches” (etc etc) is to say that this negative event that has occurred, we do not agree with. We do not like. Therefore, argues with the event and presumes to know what God’s intent is, that the event could not have been in God’s plan. But any event that says exactly what we want it to say at the time? Oh, obviously that is in God’s grace. (haha).

The Devil is a child of Man – of Man’s disagreement, argument with, the Divine.

I myself make no judgment or argument either way to this – what I mean to say is I argue with God every day (haha) and figure God doesn’t mind. To be a stupid child would be far more shameful. I say *more* emphasis needs to be put on identifying Positives and Negatives in the Bible and weeding out the Negatives – all those proclaimed by God as “good” and all those not. Negatives are negatives. Leave them behind. Attribute no deity to them, for they are not Godly. They exist in the flawed nature of Man.


Strangely, one of my favorite quotes since childhood is by Samuel Butler:

“An apology for the devil: it must be remembered that we have heard one side of the case. God has written all the books. ”

I think what this quote has always meant to me is `”remember to listen to thine enemy, to understand them.’ or something like that :’)


2 Responses to “On the Devil…”

  1. I think a lot of fundamentalists would disagree about God having written all the books. :-)

    I think I understand what you’re saying — that for whatever reason we have the capacity to distinguish good from bad, so we should use it, even applying it to the Bible. The trouble is, when we distinguish good from bad, we’re doing so by our own judgment, which is only valid within our own heads. You go to another culture or even another church within your own culture or even another household within your church, and the judgments will be different. If we use that capability to refine our view of what God is and isn’t, it will only polarize us more. Do we really need to polarize our view of God more than it is already? How will that help?

    It seems to me that it’s *all* God. Even the bad stuff. Trying to distinguish the good from the bad is what gave us conflicting views of God and devils and demons and all kinds of horrors. It’s just all God. Even the stuff we disagree with.

    And “the flawed nature of Man?” Says who? Other men. We didn’t see the blueprints, so why should we think we’re any more flawed than, say, horses or sunsets? And as Daniel Quinn says, “Evolution doesn’t make anything perfect, just damned hard to improve upon.” Room for improvement doesn’t constitute a flaw, just an opportunity.

    Thanks for the food for thought!!!

  2. gypsygies Says:

    Oh I make no statement whatsoever about whether or not everything *else* isn’t flawed as well. Flawed Nature as in “not yet Perfect and in needing no change” in a perfect state. I’m saying if we are going to attribute SOME negatives to God, then we must attribute them all. Conversely, if we are going to attribute SOME negatives to a different super-natural deity, The Devil, then we must attribute them all. For, as the fundamentalists themselves say – who are WE to say what is in God’s plan? And who are They to say. Any man ever who has claimed to know what God truly meant by anything is claiming himself to be great enough to comprehend God! And isn’t Vanity one of the great sins?

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