So, I finally stopped saying “Luck of the Irish to ye!” when I realized the Irish…have shitty luck.

I mean, seriously…anybody who’s ever been betrayed, shit upon, put upon, Starved, conquered, had their religion stolen from them…and then brainwashed into thinking it’s what they Want? Oh and let’s not forget getting them arguing and killing off each other about that religion so they don’t really have anything left over to deal with the actual oppressors…yeah, the Irish have the shit luck, man. Infamously, even. You’d have to have never opened a book or watched a movie to not at least have *some* impression of a put-upon Irish.

So I stopped saying that, realizing it’s like a curse instead…like if you’re mad at somebody you might say “Fuck You! And Luck o’the Irish to you as well!”  Yeah. _Take That_ asshole.  You’re a shithead having a nice day? Take some Irish luck, eh? haha.   ;’)

~ Gypsy, proud part Irish and still get excited about St. Patrick’s Day (despite the history of it).   =D


One Response to “Irish”

  1. My friend Matt says that when he got trained to use a seeing-eye dog, all the students went out together to “relieve” their dogs in a paved courtyard with a central drain, which was hosed down after the students and dogs went back inside. The students were supposed to be learning to pick up their dogs’ poop, but invariably someone would miss a pile. He says that the euphemism of choice for telling someone that they’d stepped in poop was, “You’ve got the luck of the Irish.”

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