Message sent to Blizzard (aka why I’ve taken a game break)

On the subject of World of Warcraft:

At end-game all characters become carbon copies of other ppl’s toons. Recount destroyed this game. Now you must put your talent points *here* specifically, you must have *this* specific same gear, you even must cast spells/use abilities in exactly *this* order (called rotation)…so there’s no point in actually playing the game at end game, it may as well be an AI playing the game at that point. Customization dissipates b’c player base insists on ONE Maximum Build, which the game is built to accommodate – there’s always ONE *best* way to do things, one BEST set of gear for a class, one way…results in carbon copy toons that there isn’t much point in. Find a way to kill recount and similar abilities so players can customize their toons.  If all your doing is copying other people’s talent points, other people’s specific “max” gear, other peoples spell rotation/ability use – you may as well have a macro playing the game and walk away to eat. There’s no point. If you don’t do such, people use Recount to berate and bitch at you, won’t take you in teams if you don’t have the right build (as they like it), right exact equipment, etc. Renders toon building obsolete.


Now, you must understand that coming from a game with so many path options as City of Heroes has…because of the common power pools you can choose in that game there’s just so many *different* ways you can do something, none of which is worse than another – just according to play style and preference… that it’s hard to get several toons to the top-lvl of Warcraft only to discover the devout player decree is that all toons must be alike. That, of 3 talents trees for each toon, there is actually only ONE “maximum” way to allot your points, one spell rotation you must follow like a macro or you will do substantially less than other carbon-copied player’s toons… etc. That you’re only striving for ONE specific set of “maximum” tier-whatever gear. It just seems like it loses the point. May as well be a macro playing the toon, building all toons of a class the same, playing them exactly the same, etc. Sure there are professions to distract you from that and there is plenty to *do* in the game.. but alas, the actual character play becomes carbon-copy.

It just seems to me that Recount destroyed the game. It must’ve been so fun before anyone knew to bitch at people doing 3k instead of their 4k damage and insisting they have to build like *this* and do *this* and blah blah blah. No fun if I just copy the herd.


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