Planning and Implementing – different things

A few months ago my landlord spend oodles of money to install this fancy cooling unit in the upstairs attic (there’s a door to the attic on the 2nd floor, where my room and another persons room is). He didn’t like that it was 200 degrees and dangerous in the attic, and also causing the entire upstairs to be hotter.

He refuses to turn it on, ever, unless he’s actually doing something in the attic.

The attic door where heat emanates from is right by the thermostat for the upstairs air conditioning (upstairs and downstairs have different units, which is smartest). So there are a lot of times when I’m like “WHY is the air on?” freezing in my room…walk down the hall, past this blast of heat from that attic door and voila…it’s HOT right where the thermostat is. The rooms are cold, the stairway is cold, the hallway and thermostat is HOT because he refuses to use the cooling unit he specifically installed for this.  Costing a great deal, I’m sure, in the long run because the air comes on upstairs a lot more often than it should have to.

It’s always just sortof baffling to me when people go to lengths to take care of something, set it all in place, then don’t do it.


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