a shot in the head or put me to bed

I just ran across this old journal entry from around 2004 (ish) and was suddenly glad I had a decent day today. oO This is what a “bad day” is REALLY like…. :
a shot in the head or put me to bed

this morning I just really did not want to get up. Didn’t feel awake at all. Consequently, I accidentally threw away (yes, in garbage after use) my toothbrush, dental floss, and a coffee cup (don’t worry Shanna, I retrieved it). The last thing, only moments after my roommate left saying `don’t throw anything else away!’…laughing about the toothbrush. I’m like “ok!” and drink up some coffee, then throw the coffee cup away. SHIT ! While getting ready to leave, I accidentally knock something down into a crevice between the sink and a cupboard…trying to reach that, I knock over something else very heavy in the bathroom…which pretty much crushes my big toe (left foot). Thus, I am wearing my teva’s today, because my toe is bloody and swelling (but hey, not broken!). I wasn’t about to shove it into a shoe. THEN – I get across to work, realize I’m running out of gas, stop at the gas station nearby there…I don’t have the gas cap key! It recently broke off my keyring, and is still sitting at home on my desk. My car is on “E”, and traffic is very heavy. At this point I call my boss to tell her I’m going to be very late. I had to go all the way back home, riding on fumes by then, just to get the fucking gas cap key! I of course hit every red light, screaming at the traffic and the lights and pretty much everything else because I’m _going to run out of GAS_. I made it home and pulled into the 7-11 literally just as the car is sputtering. fuck. At the 7-11 I buy some caffeine and donuts, because by this time I’m starving and still in need of “wake up”. I forget to grab any napkins, so arrive to work an HOUR late, with custard all over my face and a slight limp as by now my toe is really swelling. fuck fuck fuck a duck. And, while writing this message, I just realized I have _no idea_ where my cell phone is. Shit. I had it at the first gas station this morning when I called my boss. fuck! Did I leave it at the 7-11? I remember putting some stuff down to get out the donuts. oh hell.

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