why I say God has a sick sense of humor ~

So after actual *years* of trying to get myself brave enough to watch “Pitch Black” – knowing that it’s about creepy beasties attacking in the black and I’m a coward of that sortof thing…but wanting to watch it anyway because of how much I hear how great a scifi flick it is….I get myself to watch it. At work, overnight shift. Mid-way through, just shortly after having glimpsed very fluttery flying beasties that killed all the dead planet’s villagers…I pause the film to wander over to the little candy dish in the room, telling myself (calming) that it’s just a movie and there really aren’t fluttery things that kill villagers. I reach in to get a piece of gum and….something flutters.

The security guard did not hear my scream, nor the guy down the hall waxing the floor. I’m not sure if I’m comforted by that or not. Turns out, a moth has somehow made its way into the candy dish. A moth. How? From Where? God, straight from God to get a good laugh at me from heaven, I know. Bastard.

Yes it took a moment of rational calming before I had to investigate again, halfway thinking surely the candy Moving and something Fluttering was just my patent-over-active-imagination ™. Halfway thinking “oh sure, THIS is how the people DIE in those bad films…”. They have to Look.

Now I can’t decide whether to go help the moth get clear of the candy dish it apparently is trapped in (seems to be having trouble maneuvering around the candy and out) — or whether that might cause more screaming. I’m not afraid of moths, not *normally*. But the fluttering…. Damn movie.


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