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one more

Posted in Prose-ish on August 23, 2010 by gypsygies

One more drink
and I’ll call you back
one more, just one more
and I’ll call it off
Another night
a long, long drive
and maybe, just maybe
I’ll fall in love
Turn the key
the one stuck inside of me
must be some way
to find it
Another drink
and I’ll see you there
one more, just once more
I know I have to call it off.


In Truth

Posted in Prose-ish on August 14, 2010 by gypsygies

things click
and then slip
and I can’t quite catch them
fast enough
my mind speeding on
towards whatever infinity
destiny seeks
or obliterates by design
inside of me.
I can see everything at once
by sense or feel
I can touch the whole gram of
and yet never construct
or instruct
or in effect
one single molecular compound
I Need
what I feel.

but I am never real.