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Mom defends letting son dress up as Daphne

Posted in Commentary with tags , on November 5, 2010 by gypsygies

CNN report

A mother in Missouri (of all places!), is amazing enough that she let her 5 year old son dress up as Daphne from Scooby Doo. She states the this is the 2nd year in a row he has wanted to and after ascertaining that yes, this is what he really wants…this year they said “ok then” and got the costume for him. She states that the majority of his classmates and even their parents were ok with it, understood. A few mothers threw a fit.

What gets me is I’m watching this CNN report and this child psychologist is upset because she “outed” her son. I think that psychologist is missing the point *completely* of the word “supportive”. His perspective is that later on in life this photo of him dresses as a girl will hurt him. If he does or does not turn out to be gay (he’s 5 he isn’t anything yet), he’ll later be mortified to be outed already.

But he’s missing this point: the mother doesn’t want her child to ever feel like he has to be “in”. She states upfront that whether or not he turns out to be gay is A-OK. She never wants her child to go through feeling like he has to hide, like there’s something *to* hide, be ashamed of or nervous about. So why would the child have cause, 15 years down the line, to feel “outed” if he was never forced INTO that closet?? She just wants her boy to live in a world without closets. The world may never be like that, but she and her husband can certainly do their part to make sure that their own children do not have to hide.

The psychologist is automatically assuming at some point that child will have something to hide, something they want unknown because it’s “abnormal”. The mother is trying to assure the child it is normal and there’s no need to hide.

And I think it’s absolutely fantastic that her husband, whom she states is a Police Officer (!), is also completely supportive. That’s golden, purely golden. A son who can be whatever he wants, whomever he is, in the loving eyes of both his mother and his father. Right from the get-go.