The Game (Part II)

The Game – pt II 

I don’t really remember any side *winning* that game much. You see, to win the Hero’s had to capture every last Monster and keep them in custody for the rest of recess; or the Monsters had to *All* be free at the end of recess. I remember Ralph once yelling “We win! We win!!” just as me & some other guy slammed him into the fence and took him custody…narrowly escaping losing! While it may seem like the odds of the Hero’s winning were slim, the Hero’s sometimes being *greatly* outnumbered…all Hero’s were more inclined to work all the harder at the task (think of a dog rounding up sheep…). So often the Hero’s were ahead in the Game at the end of recess. In general, though, it was some form of a draw with some Monsters in custody and some free at the end of recess.
There was one time when I was a Monster and I was bookin’ across the field at TOP SPEED….90-miles-an-hour-for-a-kid…and all (I thought) the capturers were far behind and I was *almost* Home Free [oh yeah, that’s another thing: the tetherball courts on the opposite side of the field as the dugouts were the “Safe Zone” where we went when we absolutely Had to catch our breath. Once a Monster made it there, the Hero’s just took after some other Monster that needed to be caught], but then Billy (the cute boy of the school) came from Nowhere and slid in on my right with his foot out (I think he was just trying to stop when he realized he was going to crash into me at Full Speed), tripping me. This is the one and only time I’ve ever done a full somersault in the air. The entire world rotated all the way around before I landed on my back…fully knocking the wind out of me (which is a scary feeling). This actually didn’t hurt me a bit, but when I got air back I started laughing so hard –partly because the world looked so funny whizzing around like that, partly because I thought it was so funny that Billy just came sliding in from Nowhere, and partly because I was just so happy to still be Alive– that my eyes were watering [any of you who’ve seen me laugh really hard, know about this]. So everyone thought I was crying. Poor Billy was apologizing So Bad and the entire playground gathered around me because they all saw it, and thought I was in some great amount of pain. So they all sortof pulled me over to the recess-teacher…with me laughing so hard I could barely walk or breath…and many kids asking “Is she laughing or crying?” “She’s laughing” “No, she isn’t, she’s crying” etc and me trying to tell them I was laughing but I was laughing too hard. I was finally able to calm down a little and convince the completely confused teacher that I *was* laughing and was Fine. Poor Billy, though! The kid was practically in tears himself thinking he had sent me to my grave. …….

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