The Game (part III)

The Game – pt III 

You know, around that same time in life we were told that the President was pushing for stricter P.E. courses in schools b’c we kids needed to get more exercise! Actually, though, a thing to note is that our playground was a half-mile across…I know this b’c our P.E. teacher [who was also the Vice-Principle, big mistake] Mr. Capps (“The Evil Master”) was always wanting us to jog across it twice so we had run a mile. But I could never do it. I’d get about half-way across, then be all exhausted and have to walk the rest. But a few minutes later when Recess came. . . maybe Mr. Capps should have observed The Game once or twice…then he would’ve learned to yell “Monster!!” ;)
In general, though, our Game seemed to confuse the teachers b’c, as I said, I was usually a Hero. This meant that I was out there chasing after the boys, and not the other way around. Some Adults tend to view just about everything in some sexual context. I guess they thought the boys were spose to be chasing the girls and picking on them b’c they had crushes on them. But we, The Game players, never paid attention to that sort of stuff. WE just had fun. I draw this from conversations with the teachers in the “Safe Zone” [the teachers were at least smart enough to recognize there was a place we momentarily slowed down] asking me *why* I was chasing the *boys*, why they were chasing each other, what was going on…and me never quite able to explain: –partly b’c I was just catching my breath, and partly b’c as a kid my brain was always racing along much too fast to get all slowed-down with Words! Sometimes my brain still tries to spit things out faster than my mouth will allow and then you see me get all muddled. Occasionally though, it goes the other way around and that’s worse!
Anyway, I just thought I would share a memory of my life to let you break from yours for a moment, but now I must deposit you back in it. I hope I didn’t just waste your time. :) …you may now return to planning your corporate take-overs…

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