I have distilled…

I was just clearing off some stuff from my hard drive and old emails and such and came across this. This is an email I sent out to a group of friends back in Grinnell ( I think I like it b’c it’s kinda true, haha)


I am not real. I do not exist.
I am a figment of a selective group’s collective imagination.
I am the god and I am the devil — I am the mirror of a collective soul.
I have distilled the holy waters and served them up with bourbon.
I have taken a collective form from individual imaginations and distorted it to my own liking.
I have a personality which consists of collective traits from a selective group of individuals.
I am the experiment that is your conscious experience, given separate form.

Which is to say . . .

I need to test my email because it’s been giving me strange messages today. Thanks.”


3 Responses to “I have distilled…”

  1. Funny, I came to a similar conclusion about you when all our mutual friends kept saying they’d interacted with you on campus, but I hadn’t met you. Then I drank the kool-aid or whatever, and I could see you, too!

  2. LOL !!!!
    Yep it’s all in the kool-aide ;)

  3. The reminded me that Karina Leppik (Dave’s sister) once told me she had thought I was some mythological being…she’d heard about me for years but never managed to see me…. LOL

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