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love song for an insomniac

Posted in Prose-ish on October 12, 2011 by gypsygies

Sleep and breath

And the rivers wash over me

The night sky above shines every star as equal

The waters calm

The night is still

The air is cool and fresh

Sleep and dream

And let the world be silent

Sleep and slip from existence




Posted in Prose-ish on June 3, 2011 by gypsygies

Note: this is one of my favorite things that I have written…that NOBODY else ‘gets’ or likes. So I’m posting it anyway (haha). I love it (I’m not ashamed to say), don’t care that nobody else does :”)   ~ G


Pandora’s box opens wide,
and the world springs out. . .

Cardboard boxes, plastic chairs,
and concrete buildings
fill the air
tar and asphalt everywhere.
Computers build our history
and numbers are given to you and me,
and Crime becomes our Goddess.
Creatures from beyond our mind
crawl out  from the Box to find
their own…new…Prehistory.
Shadow’s from beyond our grave
have now become our Mortal slave
…and we our folly Masters.

To shut this Box,
we kill in vain
and shout out every Mythic name
and Death becomes our enemy.
We build our castles of
glass and sand
knowing well they cannot stand
but Nature is our sin.
Pandora knew, but chose to dwell
in a modern information hell
that we, her offspring, keep.

My number is my History
and everything that I will see
of her…grand…Creation.
But why I ask, and ponder deep
was Pandora given this box to keep
with such a feeble lid?
Can it be, curiosity,
is not the sin that we perceive
but Eden in a well?
The tortures that we mass spoon-feed
are the only things our Monsters seed
but if we stop the One with heart
the other must then fall apart
and now begins…Serenity.


Posted in Prose-ish on May 29, 2011 by gypsygies

everything that was
and the never will be that was
has become
and sitcom after sitcom
you sit here and stare at me
waiting for me to Be
but deep down under
the cement and pavement
of this numb world that I’ve
is something more green and beautiful
than whole
and the everything that isn’t
may yet become
but only if I stand upright
for once
just once
for you
and no shout loud enough
could be heard by all
so time now, to stand
time now, to kneel
before and beside you
and never think again
of That.

one more

Posted in Prose-ish on August 23, 2010 by gypsygies

One more drink
and I’ll call you back
one more, just one more
and I’ll call it off
Another night
a long, long drive
and maybe, just maybe
I’ll fall in love
Turn the key
the one stuck inside of me
must be some way
to find it
Another drink
and I’ll see you there
one more, just once more
I know I have to call it off.

In Truth

Posted in Prose-ish on August 14, 2010 by gypsygies

things click
and then slip
and I can’t quite catch them
fast enough
my mind speeding on
towards whatever infinity
destiny seeks
or obliterates by design
inside of me.
I can see everything at once
by sense or feel
I can touch the whole gram of
and yet never construct
or instruct
or in effect
one single molecular compound
I Need
what I feel.

but I am never real.


Posted in Prose-ish on April 18, 2010 by gypsygies

Somehow, detached
Some other plane of time
Yet in our own history
Photos in a frame
In boxes and drawers
Of times
Times we have
Memories are there but seem
Detached somehow
So many roads inbetween
So many miles
Can these pictures be real?
A part of my own history?
So many miles
covers my memory in dust.

careful does the wind fall

Posted in Prose-ish on January 17, 2010 by gypsygies

careful does the wind fall
on the weathered beaten
slippery is the ice
on every path
dark is every forrest
that one passes through
and grayer no sky ever was

in this bleak and destitute scenery of a life
what happiness is expected here?
in the tombs of our ancestors they have written
that hope
hope lies within
when darkness overcomes the day
only what is within is left

careful does the wind fall
and slippery is the path
dark is the forrest
and grey is the sky

walk only in the light
the light that shines within
walk only in the light
through this neverending night.

[after a very bad night…~ G]